Elizabeth Warren hints at 2020 presidential run in fundraising letter

You have to read between the lines, but the message is clear.

It very much sounds like Elizabeth Warren is going to throw her name into the hat for the 2020 presidential election.

Hidden Messages

Warren sent out a fundraising memo to her supporters this week.

It was worded in such a way that many pundits are already saying Warren’s name will more than likely be added to the long list of Democrats hoping to run against Trump in 2020.

While asking for a mere $3 for the right to shake her hand at a meet and greet, she also has a very clear message in her memo.

Mentioning Trump numerous times throughout the message, she is clearly trying to motivate liberals to come out against Trump.

Still, though, that is her only real message.

No Motivation

Democrats tried that path of attack against Trump during the 2016 election and it did not work.

Hillary spent more time telling everyone a vote for her was a vote AGAINST Donald Trump.

Trump, on the other hand, had a very clear message.

A vote for Trump was a vote to lock down our borders, get better deals, support our troops, and get some tax breaks.

Democrats still have not gotten the message that saying you are against Trump is not enough to win.

Crowded Ticket

If Warren does in fact run, the Democrat primary is going to a be a Who’s Who of the party.

Hillary Clinton can’t get past her last loss, and many think she will give it one more go.

Bernie Sanders is also reportedly considering running again, as is Joe Biden.

In addition to those regulars, there are more than a half-dozen celebrities that want a shot at Trump in the presidential election.

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In all, there are almost two dozen people expected to announce their candidacy for the 2020 presidential election.

The more the merrier, because they will all be digging up dirt on each other and doing President Trump’s job for him.

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