Elizabeth Warren dismisses recent drop in polls

For months, Elizabeth Warren has enjoyed rising support in the polls, while Joe Biden’s popularity continues to plummet.

Now, though, after the most recent polls show significant a significant loss in support, Warren tried to end any speculation that she’s worried about the future of her campaign, stating, “I don’t do polls,” according to Breitbart.

Funny how that works…

After a Quinnipiac University survey found that Warren’s support has fallen by 14 points, she responded at a campaign stop in Iowa by claiming: “It’s the same answer it’s always been. I don’t do polls… I’m out here fighting every day on behalf of working families.”

Dems have no problem citing polls when they benefit their case, yet when they tell a different story, they want nothing at all to do with them. Polls are not an exact science, but they establish trends. Unfortunately for Warren, she’s trending downward.

For instance, recent polls show a significant decline in support for the impeachment, especially among independent voters, a key demographic in the upcoming elections. This is a significant reversal from public opinion on impeachment just a few weeks ago, according to Fox News.

That also appears to be what is happening with Elizabeth Warren, even though she does not want to admit it.

Slipping away

The last two months have seen a dramatic change in support for Democrats. Through September, Warren had enjoyed a significant surge, but that rising popularity meant people were starting to look at her track record and campaign platform much more closely.

What has been discovered is that the Massachusetts senator is someone who has lied and falsely portrayed herself. For instance, Warren stated at a campaign event that her two children went to public schools, but failed to tell anyone her son left public school very early on to attend an elite private school.

It is but one example of how Warren omits facts that could hurt her case. As these falsehoods have been exposed, Warren has started to backslide, now putting her as far back as fourth and fifth place in some polls where she was previously leading all other candidates.

The shocking beneficiary of her slide has been Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Buttigieg seems to be picking up all the scraps from Warren and Biden and has managed to carve out a position as an actual player in this election.

What these polls are really revealing, though, is that Democrat voters really don’t have a clue as to whom they are actually going to support come election day. Every time one candidate rises to the lead, information comes out that crushes their credibility and they take a crippling hit in the polls.

Instead of uniting behind a likable and electable candidate to take out Donald Trump in the polls, Democrats have zeroed in on impeachment, which is clearly a losing strategy as Trump as enjoyed a precipitous uptick in popularity since the public hearings.

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