Op-ed: Choosing Warren as VP would be death knell for Biden campaign

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is in the midst of vetting potential running mates, and pressure is mounting for him to choose a female for the job, particularly considering his pledge earlier this spring to do just that.

According to an op-ed by Kimberly Ross in the Washington Examiner, while Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is a name that has often emerged as a possible VP pick, if Biden goes that route, he will effectively be killing his chances of winning this November.

Ross: Warren sinks Biden

According to Ross, a Biden–Warren ticket would be a boon to President Trump’s electoral prospects, as Warren brings far more baggage than she does assets.

A big part of the problem for Biden is that he needs a running mate who will shore up his support among demographic groups where he is known to be weak.

Despite his overall belief that Biden should choose Warren, Democrat pollster Stan Greenberg admitted: “Her left-wing positions could alienate suburban voters the party needs, and Trump would have a field day going after her. Many progressives have also argued that Biden should pick a black woman to help increase turnout among African American voters, particularly in Detroit, Philadelphia and Milwaukee.”

Warren also alienated a substantial segment of the far-left wing of the party with her unproven accusations of sexism against Bernie Sanders earlier in the primary season, damage which may be difficult to repair, given progressives’ lingering suspicions that Democratic Party elites conspired to undermine Sanders all along.

As Ross points out, picking a candidate that voters have already soundly rejected and who has caused internal division in the Democratic Party isn’t likely to be a winning strategy for Joe Biden, and while the buzz may be building for Warren to be Biden’s choice, his advisors would do well to steer him away from such a move.

Collateral party damage

Tapping Warren for the VP spot on the Biden ticket is also something that could have harmful ripple effects for Democrats in a broader sense.

Should a Biden–Warren team beat the odds and oust President Donald Trump from the White House this fall, Warren’s Senate seat would be filled by someone appointed by Republican Gov. Charlie Baker, as The Hill reported.

A special election would then have to be held between 145 and 160 days after the seat became vacant on inauguration day.

That would give Republicans control of a seat for nearly six months in a Senate they currently control by a margin of 53–47, a scenario sure to give most Democrats pause.

It could well be that Biden is quickly coming to regret having boxed himself in so tightly back in March.

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