Elizabeth Warren calls for resignation of Puerto Rico governor

Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren is piling on the already embattled governor of Puerto Rico.

On Friday, Sen. Warren (D-MA) called for the resignation of Ricardo Rossello, offering her support for the people of Puerto Rico against the corrupt liberal governor.

Problems in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is the perfect example of the depths to which liberal leadership will take you.

The island has been making a strong push to achieve statehood, but that would honestly be like taking on a third-world country at this point.

What Hurricane Maria did to Puerto Rico was both horrific and devastating, but the country was in deep trouble long before that disaster.

Hurricane Maria only exacerbated the technological and infrastructure problems already running rampant on the island. It also exposed the mass corruption by elected officials that has been taking place for years.

More Problems for Rossello

The corruption surrounding relief efforts already had residents of Puerto Rico looking for a change.

However, when transcripts of conversations between Rossello and members of his administration were made public, it was the breaking point.

For more than a week now, residents have been protesting the governor’s presence and demanding that he step down from his position.

Numerous elected officials here in the state have joined those calls for his removal, including several presidential candidates. Rossello, at least to this point, has not budged.

While he has been adamant about remaining in office, the members of his administration tied to the aforementioned conversations have all resigned.

It is now only a matter of time before the protests turn into a coup and Rossello is ousted from office, especially with the growing pressure from his peers here in the states.

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