Elizabeth Warren takes the lead in Iowa; Biden falls behind Sanders, Buttigieg

Joe Biden has been replaced as the Democrats’ Iowa frontrunner.

According to a report from Breitbart, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA) has taken the lead in Iowa Democratic primary race, while Biden has fallen to fourth place, behind Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT) and South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

Biden falls to fourth

The news comes by way of a New York Times/Siena College poll released Friday.

According to Breitbart, the poll “surveyed 439 Iowa Democratic caucusgoers” between Oct. 25–30 of this year — and the results were no doubt shocking for the Biden camp.

Warren currently leads the pack, Breitbart reports, with 22% support among those surveyed. Just three percentage points behind is Sanders, who garnered 19% support.

Buttigieg follows with 18% support, while Biden had just 17%. Other candidates, like Sens. Amy Klobuchar (MN) and Kamala Harris (CA), all fell below the 5% mark.

Time is running out

Clearly, it’s a tight race for the lead — and it doesn’t look like there’s any room for more break-out candidates. Perhaps this is why former Senate hopeful Beto O’Rourke called it quits earlier this week.

According to The New York Times, the 47-year-old Texan was polling at just 2% on average. Meanwhile, other candidates — namely, Warren — have been surging in recent weeks, particularly in key primary states like South Carolina, whose February primary election is one of the earliest in the nation.

This undoubtedly has Biden shaking in his boots. Between all his blunders on the campaign trail and recent talk of alleged wrongdoing involving Ukraine, “Joe 30330” isn’t doing nearly as well as many thought he would, especially considering his ties to the Dems’ top man: Barack Obama.

But Obama has been hesitant to endorse Biden, and the former vice president’s campaign is continuing to eat money faster than it can raise it. The fundraising situation got so bad that Biden even had to walk back his promise to never take money from super PACs, according to Fox News.

This latest poll out of Iowa doesn’t make things look much better for Biden. Once the comfortable frontrunner, Biden’s national lead over Warren “has been cut in half since the last poll taken in late August,” according to The Hill, and now, he’s not even in the top three in the Hawkeye State.

Could this be the beginning of the end for Uncle Joe? Only time will tell.

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