Dem Sen. Warnock endorses misleading statement about Georgia voter reform bill

A recently enacted voter reform law passed by Georgia Republicans has generated widespread backlash along with ample misrepresentation regarding what measures were actually included in the controversial bill.

According to the Daily Caller, U.S. Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) signed off on a political email containing a number of misleading statements concerning two key provisions in the legislation.

A pair of false claims

The email was circulated by the advocacy group 3.14 Action and even the typically left-leaning Washington Post called out the falsehoods contained therein.

According to the Post, two provisions said to be included in the new state law were actually not there at all.

As the newspaper noted, Warnock added his name to the statement that asserted the bill “ended no-excuse mail voting and restricted early voting on the weekends,” even though those proposals never made it to the final bill signed into law last month by GOP Gov. Brian Kemp.

Not only were the claims false, but the final version of the Georgia bill actually expanded early voting to cover 17 days — including two extra Saturdays. The measure gives Georiga voters even more time to ensure their votes are properly counted.

As for the advocacy group’s claim that no-excuse absentee voting had been eliminated by the bill, reports show that this was also provably false. While the law does shorten the no-excuse absentee voting window to 67 days, that is a far cry from the unfounded allegation that it was eliminated altogether.

The economic toll

Notably, the message had been sent out to 3.14 Action’s email list five days after the bill was signed into law.

After being confronted for endorsing the misinformation-filled email, Warnock’s office attempted to defend the senator’s involvement by claiming that he signed off on the email prior to the law’s passage while the aforementioned provisions were still under consideration.

Of course, most Georgians would likely presume that someone on his staff would have spoken up upon realizing that the measures had been stripped from the final version of the bill. The senator’s office clearly had an opportunity to contact the group for a simple correction but apparently failed to do so.

In any case, even President Joe Biden has been called out for misrepresenting the contents of the bill, which has resulted in a number of corporations and organizations inflicting economic payback on the state. Among the most notable examples is Major League Baseball’s decision to move the upcoming All-Star Gam out of the state.

Only time will tell what the total impact of false information and hyperbole will have on the state and its residents.

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