WaPo says Hunter Biden story is a ‘reckoning’ for the media

The Washington Post just published an editorial titled, “The Hunter Biden story is an opportunity for a reckoning.” 

This comes after the Post last week finally authenticated Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop as well as some of its contents. The Post did so as part of a report detailing Hunter Biden’s business dealings with a Chinese energy company.

In doing so, the outlet became the second left-wing media outlet to make a complete 180 on the Hunter Biden saga. The first to do so was The New York Times.

Both outlets, along with countless others, initially expressed skepticism about the Hunter Biden laptop story when it first broke during the lead-up to the 2020 presidential election. They even appeared to try to suppress it.

The Post explains

Overall, the Post’s editorial discusses what the media ought to learn from the whole Hunter Biden laptop situation. But, along the way, the Post attempts to explain why it is that the laptop was not authenticated by outlets such as itself until just recently.

The Post writes:

For now, what’s more compelling than the assorted accusations about the Bidens’ behavior is this question: Why is confirmation of a story that first surfaced in the fall of 2020 emerging only now? When the New York Post published its blockbuster exclusive on the contents of a laptop said to have been abandoned at a Delaware repair shop by Hunter Biden, mainstream media organizations balked at running with the same narrative. Social media sites displayed even greater caution.

The Post then tries to explain away its “reluctance” to cover the laptop story. It, in part, blamed this ‘reluctance” on “a Russian influence campaign in 2016,” saying that in 2020, “it was only prudent to suspect a similar plot lay behind the mysterious appearance of a computer stuffed with juicy documents and conveniently handed over to President Donald Trump’s toxic personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani.”

The Post adds, “this context doesn’t necessarily exonerate every action of every publication and platform.”

The Post later concluded that “the lesson learned from 2016 was evidently to err on the side of setting aside questionable material in the heat of a political campaign” and that “the lesson learned from 2020 may well be that there’s also a danger of suppressing accurate and relevant stories.”

What did you expect?

Fox News quotes journalist Glenn Greenwald as thrashing the Post’s ostensible “reckoning.”

“The Editorial is filled with self-justifying caveats about why it was reasonable to have gotten the story so wrong,” Greenwald tweeted. “It downplays the full extent of the joint CIA/media/Big Tech lie. But at least the Post now stands alone in admitting the fraud and that an accounting is due.”

Greenwald went on to call the Post’s editorial, “arrogant ad hoc rationalizing.” He hit the nail on the head.

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