WaPo columnist ripped for trying to sway ‘the undecided’

Washington Post writer Margaret Sullivan has made it no secret she would like to see President Donald Trump taken down.

Because the Democrat impeachment effort is not having the desired impact on undecided voters, she penned a “how-to” article for journalists to change the public mindset, and has now been charged with attempting to turn journalists into “Democratic hack surrogates.”

“Reaching the undecided”

The column is titled “Wall-to-wall impeachment coverage is not changing any minds. Here’s how journalists can reach the undecided,” if that gives you any indication of what Sullivan’s message is.

Sullivan questions if journalists are merely serving as a sort of echo chamber, just “shouting into the void” rather than swaying Americans to support the impeachment of Donald Trump.

“Despite the hardened positions, some members of the public are still uncertain. Some are persuadable, and yes, it matters. Maybe, just maybe, it’s the job of American journalism in this moment to get serious about trying to reach these citizens,” she wrote.

In her how-to section, she said journalists needed to use an approach suggested by journalism professor Bill Grueskin. Grueskin believes that journalists need to use a “movie-trailer approach” when writing about the impeachment.

In other words, suck them in by cherry-picking the best parts of the story without actually reporting all the facts as a journalist is supposed to.

Sullivan did not pull any punches on where the media should stand on this issue, mocking the use of the word “partisan” and all but demanding that journalists should be taking sides — the impeachment side.

WaPo gets slammed

It took virtually no time at all for the Washington Post to get crushed on social media for publishing the article. NewsBusters Executive Editor Tim Graham called the Post “pompous” and absolutely shredded Sullivan in the process.

Several members of Congress responded, including Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY)…

This is today’s media, just flat-out openly admitting they are not there to report the news but rather to persuade people to jump on the liberal bandwagon.

That is not a free press, patriots, that is the weaponization of the press by the Democrat Party.

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