WaPo journalist slams Sarah Sanders on ‘Bring Your Child To Work’ day

On Thursday, the White House and Sarah Sanders tried to create a cool event for children of the White House Press Corps.

Instead of embracing it, one journalist from the Washington Post decided to use the event to blatantly attack Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

In the process, all he did was prove Sanders right for not holding as many press conferences as the media would like.

Slamming Sarah

The staged briefing for the kids, as stated above, did not please their parents.

A White House correspondent for The Washington Post stated, “The irony of it is they’re pretending that the White House press briefing is a thing, and they’re pretending that this is how the White House operates, but this not at all how the White House operates.”

Other journalists criticized Sanders for the major lapses between press briefings lately.

Unfortunately, while Sanders may not be holding regular press briefings, the media is failing to tell the story about the true accessibility of this administration.

Protecting Sarah

There was a time when Sarah Sanders took the podium on an almost daily basis. Sadly, every time she did, she was disrespected and attacked by the media. Over time, the briefings were cut back when Trump himself called out the media for its treatment of Sanders.

While Sanders may not be on the podium, Trump himself has been far more accessible than most presidents to answer questions the media may have.

Trump, for instance, has held 338 “short question and answer” sessions during his first two years in office, which is more than four times the amount held by Obama.

In all, Trump has done almost 600 interviews, short sessions, and news conferences with media during his first two years. It does not get more accessible than that! Lest we forget, he also tweets daily to update Americans on what is going on in his own words.

If we were to believe the media complaints, this administration is acting in complete secrecy. But in reality, Trump has been far more transparent and accessible than their hero, Barack Obama.

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