WaPo leads charge against Dems after widespread endorsement of Al Sharpton

President Donald Trump’s attack last week against Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) and the city of Baltimore drew the usual criticism, including some hard words from the not-so-honorable Rev. Al Sharpton. Trump fired right back at Sharpton, calling him a con man, at which point virtually every Democrat on the planet came to the defense of Sharpton — including several presidential candidates.

However, in an op-ed in The Washington Post, The Washington Examiner executive editor Seth Mandel shredded the Dems for doing this, calling it a “terrible approach to politics.”

The Enemy of My Enemy…

The approach Democrats are using is very much that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Al Sharpton’s cover is that he is a civil rights activist.

What he is, in reality, though — as Trump stated — is a con man. Sharpton makes his money by creating a racial divide, not fighting for the rights of others.

This is the man that once addressed a college crowd and characterized white people as “crackers” and police as “pigs.”

In addition to being a con man, Sharpton is a racist and a bigot. Point being: this is not the type of person presidential candidates should be buddying up to during an election.

Sounding the Alarm

As Democrat presidential candidates flocked to the side of Al Sharpton, Mandel obliterated them in his op-ed. He accused Sharpton of “race-baiting” and stated: “You can believe that Jewish lives matter, or you can pepper your public career with slavish fan fiction about Al Sharpton.”

He went on: “When the sun sets on the careers of this crop of Democrats and their stories are written, what will the record show about the choice they made?”

Mandel was not the only to call out Dems, either. In The New York Times, Brown University Professor Glenn Loury wrote the Dems handed Trump a big win by going to Sharpton’s side.

He also wholeheartedly agreed with Trump’s assertation that Sharpton is a con man. In a perfect world, such condemnation would have ruined every candidate that flocked to Sharpton’s defense, but these are not ordinary times.

Just as the media has ignored the gun violence in Chicago, they did the same here.

The criticisms of Sharpton were brushed off or completely ignored, destined to die in the dustbin as dismissed right-wing rhetoric, even though there is actual proof of Sharpton’s racism, dishonesty, and shady behavior.

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