Report: Liberals want Sarah Sanders’ salary revoked

Liberals are furious that White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders is no longer going to the briefing room podium to be insulted by the media.

Now, since press briefings are not held regularly, there is a movement stirring to have Sanders’ annual salary revoked.

Scaling Back Press Briefings

For more than a year, Sarah Sanders took the podium on a daily basis on behalf of President Trump. During that time, she was poked, prodded, and insulted by the media and liberals.

She was also confronted in public and often felt threatened just for showing her face.

Eventually, the press briefings were scaled back because they were turning into a free-for-all every time Sanders took the podium.

Rather than continue to expose her to this, President Donald Trump instructed Sanders to scale back her press briefings with the media. As far as he was concerned, he was getting out whatever needed to be said with Twitter and by addressing the media directly himself.

Sanders obliged, and now liberals are absolutely furious with her — so much so, apparently, that there is a call to have her salary revoked.

Only One Part of the Job

While the media expects the press secretary to hold briefings, that is just one part of the job description. She also fields reporters’ questions via email and represents the president in speaking engagements.

Sanders also helps get the president ready for questions he may face the moment he walks out the door of the White House and is surrounded by the press corps.

It is also worth noting that multiple positions have yet to be filled in the communications department. Many of those tasks are more than likely falling in Sanders’ lap as well.

The bottom line here is that Sanders’ job is to perform her duties as the president sees fit.

Currently, he has cut back on press briefings simply because of the way the press treats Sanders.

If the press wants to see more of her, they should try acting like human beings when she takes the dais.

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