Justice Thomas Walsh quitting New York Supreme Court to run for District Attorney

New York’s 9th District is about to use one of its long-standing Supreme Court justices.

Justice Thomas Walsh is turning in his gavel to enter the race for the Rockland District Attorney General.

Dominated by Democrats

Walsh is entering a field that is already littered with Democrat candidates. As a matter of fact, Republicans don’t even have a horse entered in that race yet.

Democrats, however, will now have four candidates, counting Walsh.

Walsh will be facing off against Patricia Gunning, a former prosecuting attorney, Victor Allen, another former judge, and Kenn Zebrowski, current assemblyman.

Walsh is reportedly entering the race under serious encouragement from party members. His official announcement will come on February 26.

Walsh’s camp stated the announcement is being delayed out of respect for fallen NYPD Detective Brian Simonsen.

What About Republicans

At this time, Republicans have not announced plans to put a candidate in the race. If they go that route, the party will still have several options.

The first being not endorsing any candidate and allowing the Democrats to run unopposed.

They could also endorse a Democrat candidate in the hopes of gaining favor for other positions.

The local Republican GOP is scheduled to meet this week to discuss its options. The party, however, seems more focused on grabbing legislative positions as well as putting forward a candidate for sheriff.

That would seem to make more sense, especially considering the sanctuary status of New York. The party could then address problems from within before setting its sights on higher positions within the New York political hierarchy.

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