Trump challenger Joe Walsh predicts Republicans will support impeachment

Newsweek reports that Never-Trumper and former Congressman Joe Walsh has made a prediction that Republicans will soon flip on the president and vote to impeach him, citing Trump’s initial decision to host the G-7 summit at one of his luxury commercial properties as a triggering factor.

However, the president already announced that his Trump Doral resort was no longer being considered as a site for the summit, according to Fox News — thus blunting Walsh’s critique. He reportedly did so in large part because of the Democrats’ uncanny ability to turn even the most mundane matters into international scandals worthy of impeachment.

Never-Trump thinking

Joe Walsh has gone on record to suggest Republicans will jump on the impeachment conga-line simply because the president wanted to hold the G-7 summit at the Trump National Doral Miami resort.

Trump wanted to host the G-7 at the hotel he owns, something he viewed as a gesture of hospitality. Obviously, it doesn’t look right to many observers, and he probably should never have tried, because regardless of his intentions, it gives the appearance of conflict of interest.

But is it enough for Republicans in the Senate to suddenly accept the Democrat impeachment push? Walsh thinks so.

“Republicans don’t like him,” Walsh said in an interview with Brianna Keilar on CNN, according to Newsweek. They do believe he’s incompetent, they do believe he’s a moron. Everything I say about Trump publicly, the vast majority of my colleagues up on Capitol Hill, they feel the same way about him privately.”

Walsh believes that Trump is a “moron,” and he asserts that numerous Republicans agree with him. Anyone would have to be forgiven for being more than skeptical about such claims.

Movement has lost steam

It is true that there are Republicans who think those things about Trump. Joe Walsh is one of them, along with people like Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) and late Sen. John McCain.

The Never-Trump movement has few members, and it is almost completely dead. While many Republicans have various gripes about Trump, they know he is better than the alternatives. Trump, despite many failures, has also seen many successes.

Joe Walsh is out of his mind if he thinks Republicans are going to flip on Trump, there is simply no real evidence they will.

Many people may have missed this, but Joe Walsh is actually running against Trump for the 2020 Republican nomination. Most don’t know it, because Joe Walsh is far from a recognizable figure, and he has no chance.

Despite his wishful thinking and hot takes, Joe Walsh is running into the reality of the situation. Republicans will back Trump barring revelation of a real criminal offense, and the Never-Trump movement Walsh will fall onto the ash heap of history. Trump, barring an unforeseeable circumstance, is going to beat the impeachment inquiry, resort “scandal” or not.

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