Fox fans demand Chris Wallace’s ouster after fight with Giuliani

Fox’s Chris Wallace is generally a fair journalist, but fans think he went just a bit too far while interviewing Rudy Giuliani on Sunday.

Wallace seemed more interested in twisting the facts and randomly going from event to event to confuse people rather than make an actual point in his interview with the president’s lawyer — and fans immediately called for his resignation.

Take a look at the on-air brawl for yourself:

Out of Character

Left or right, Wallace has always been someone from whom conservatives have been able to get a fair shake.

He has approached difficult topics on both sides with fairness — until recently.

One of the first cracks happened during an interview with Hillary Clinton.

Wallace had hit her hard on several questions, but failed to ask appropriate follow-up questions when Clinton redirected or just flat-out refused to answer the question being asked.

Now, with Giuliani, he has come dangerously close to being just another liberal hack.

Twisting and Turning

The interview actually started out okay, with Wallace trying to find out if President Trump was lying about knowing about the payments to mistresses Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford.

The stance taken by President Trump all along has been that he knew about the payments after Cohen had already paid Daniels and after McDougal had been paid by a supporter.

Trump was asked at one point after the fact if he knew about the payment, and he said he did not.

Giuliani provided some clarification in that Trump had actually forgotten he had reimbursed Cohen, but when this was cleared up, Giuliani immediately came forward to reveal exactly how the repayment took place.

In Trump’s world, a $130,000 is like $10 to most of us, so it is conceivable he had forgotten about the payment and its details.

But this is where the interview started to get ugly, as Wallace then went back and forth without actually acknowledging the sequence of the events or the fact this has all been admitted and cleared up by both Giuliani and President Trump.

Wallace’s attempt to make Giuliani and Trump look bad was not missed by fans of Fox News.

Within minutes, social media blew up with fans calling for the firing of Wallace over his obviously biased interview.

This was disappointing, to say the least.

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Wallace was respected because he always gave everyone a fair shake.

Now, we’re not so sure if even he can be trusted. What a shame.

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