Fox News’ Chris Wallace slams Ken Starr over impeachment

Fox News’ Chris Wallace used to be a fairly decent journalist, usually reporting in a reasonably impartial way even though he has always clearly been a liberal.

When Donald Trump became president, that all changed. Wallace is apparently ready to throw away his largely Republican viewership, as was proven during his recent criticism of Ken Starr.

Much bigger issue

Former U.S. Solicitor General Ken Starr has been very critical of the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry and has all but accused Democrats of reverse-engineering the outcome.

Starr regularly makes the case that Democrats have yet to put together a case with solid evidence against Trump. Wallace took issue with Starr’s characterization that “the case against the president is narrow, prosecutors look at the world through dirty windows, it’s slanted.”

Wallace openly threw his support behind the partisan Democrat impeachment cause, saying that compared to Clinton’s impeachment, “the allegation that President Trump conditioned support for a key foreign policy ally on political benefit to him strikes me as not narrow, but far broader than the Clinton impeachment.”

“This seems to be about a much bigger issue … It seems to be an issue about foreign policy, national security, the security of our elections. It’s a much bigger issue than whether or not Bill Clinton lied about sex.” Watch:

The difference

The one thing that Wallace seems to be missing, though, is that Bill Clinton actually committed an impeachable offense.

We still have not seen credible evidence that Donald Trump committed a high crime or misdemeanor worthy of impeachment.

Democrats are relying on hearsay and witness testimony that made major assumptions about Trump’s motives to make their case for impeachment.

If you watched the hearings, you already know the Democrat case would not hold up in a court of law.

There was proof Clinton had done something wrong, but the same cannot be said here. The proof is in the public lack of support for the impeachment as well as the increased support for Donald Trump.

This impeachment, even though Chris Wallace will never admit it, is a complete sham.

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