Chris Wallace slams journalists for ‘playing gotcha’ when covering Trump

Every time President Donald Trump takes the dais in the White House press room, it is akin to a medieval joust with members of the media who prefer to push their own agenda rather than cover the news.

The consistent effort to get Trump in a “gotcha” moment has gotten so bad that even Fox News’ Chris Wallace has admitted that it is getting out of hand, as Mediaite reports.

“Playing gotcha”

There was a time in this country when being assigned to the White House press corps was considered an elite assignment, and anyone holding that press pass was considered to be on track to do great things in the news industry.

Today, with the likes of CNN’s Jim Acosta now holding one of those cherished credentials, the Washington journalism scene has sadly become something of a joke.

There is a difference between asking tough questions and pushing a personal agenda, and even Wallace, who has been known to do a bit of his own advocacy over past few years, is finally conceding that today’s media establishment is just getting it wrong.

“You see some reporters now who have become advocates — I see it in the press briefings now,” Wallace said, according to Mediaite. You know, I was pretty tough in the press briefings with Ronald Reagan and his press secretaries in the 80s, but we were basically trying to get information.”

The veteran journalist went on: “Some of the press briefings now I see the White House press corps — it’s supposed to be one of the top jobs in journalism — it’s more playing gotcha or more just trying to get in arguments and advance their point of view. That’s not what we’re supposed to be doing.”

Calling balls and strikes

Nobody is asking for the media to give Trump 100% favorable coverage.

No politician, regardless of their ideological perspective, is ever entitled to that kind of deference.

What is expected, however, is for the media to be fair and ask honest questions designed to increase transparency, not the same “gotcha” questions over and over again to try to force an embarrassing error from Trump or members of his administration.

Wallace was clear in his opinion on the matter, stating, “I think too many reporters have fallen into the role of being advocates and, frankly with this president, anti-Trump advocates.”

It is not always easy to agree with Chris Wallace, but this time, he is exactly right.

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