Chris Wallace: How many times can Democrats ‘keep making the same point’ on Trump’s impeachment?

Wednesday marked the first day of opening arguments in President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate, with House managers, led by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), making their case for why the president should be removed from office. That followed lengthy debates on the first day of the trial as Dems similarly tried to make their case, which came after months of them reiterating the same points in House committees and media interviews.

Now, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace is wondering if the American people have had enough. During a break in the Senate’s trial on Wednesday, the host suggested that the Dems may be running the risk of overstating their case, Fox reported.

“You just wonder how many times you can keep making the same point,” Wallace lamented, according to Fox.

Schiff “said it all”

To be sure, Wallace seemed to issue praise for the job done by the House’s impeachment managers, particularly Schiff — even as he also appeared to express his concern that Schiff and others are “making the same point” over and over again.

“I thought he really said it all,” Wallace said of Schiff’s opening statement “He gave the constitutional underpinnings, he went in great detail of the facts, the timeline of this alleged misaction by the president, starting in the spring of 2019 going till September of 2019.”

Wallace went on: “He gave the emotional arguments, the larger arguments as to what the real significance to the future of the country, to our national security, is. He opened with Alexander Hamilton, he closed with George Washington.”

How many times?

Indeed, Wallace said he thought Schiff said everything he needed to right at the start.

“Then I realized that we had 21 hours and 40 minutes left to go, and it really does raise the question — and I’m sure they’ve figured it out, and I’m sure they’re gonna have different ways of doing it — but my Lord, three days and 24 hours. You just wonder how many times you can keep making the same point,” Wallace said.

“I mean, it’ll be the same for the White House during their effort,” Wallace added. “But I do think they run the risk, both with the senators in the chamber and with the larger audience watching at home, of at what point have you just overstated your case?”

The outrage machine

For once, Wallace raised an incredibly valid point here. Democrats and many in the media may have failed to consider that there is a very real risk that the constant repetition of the allegations against the president will cause a sense of fatigue among the target audience.

As Wallace noted, that target audience includes both senators and the broader American public — and while not everyone in either of those sectors has heard or seen every single piece of evidence or snippet of testimony compiled over the past several months, most have seen and heard enough to have already formed an opinion on the matter.

By constantly harping on points that have already been made ad nauseam — some of which remain in dispute — Schiff and his comrades risk further solidifying the opposition and even turning off some who might otherwise support them. After all, you can only be outraged for so long before it just starts to get old.

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