Chris Wallace calls out Shepherd Smith for blaming Trump for the entire shutdown

Fox News host Shepard Smith’s anti-Trump rhetoric got so bad recently, one of his fellow hosts actually had to shut him down.

When Smith blamed Trump for the prolonged government shutdown, Chris Wallace reeled him back in, stating, “It takes two to tango.” 

Not Always Black and White

In the political world, things are very rarely black and white.

Certainly, that is the case in the government shutdown.

Yes, Trump ordered the shutdown, and he took the credit/blame for it initially.

But it’s the Democrats who are prolonging it by refusing to fund the border wall.

Trump has said numerous times he would be willing to negotiate to a solution, but the Dems are having none of it.

That, ultimately, was Wallace’s point.

Shep Called Out

Shepard Smith hates Donald Trump.

That is a fact.

He is the antithesis of what an anchor is supposed to be.

In his current role, he is supposed to report the news without a slant, period.

Chris Wallace, while a liberal, has always been reputable and fair, which is why it was so great to see him call Smith out on live TV.

Wallace hit the nail on the head here on several fronts.

Trump may have called for the shutdown, but Pelosi is the one that turned this into a tit-for-tat.

Compromise is the key, as Wallace stated, and that is something Trump has already agreed to do.

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While most conservatives may not like putting DACA on the table, realistically, our politicians will never kick out all of these undocumented immigrants.

So, taking that into account, would it not be better to get something in return … like a border wall?

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