Chris Wallace ambushes Kellyanne Conway on border conditions

Kellyanne Conway was ambushed in an interview by Fox News’s Chris Wallace. Asked about conditions at a border detention facility; Conway had trouble addressing the problem. There was no denying the overcrowding, but it took Conway a long time to show who was at fault. 

To anyone who has been paying attention, the fault is with Democrats.

Conway misses the point

Kellyanne Conway made a rare slip-up in her interview with Chris Wallace. Instead of talking about why U.S. detention centers are overcrowded, she downplayed the seriousness of the matter.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace confronted Kellyanne Conway about Vice President Mike Pence’s trip to the migrant detention center on his show, arguing that the video of the vice president’s visit did not align with his characterization of the facility.

The fact of the matter is that overcrowding is a real problem. The conditions are not good either. Democrats know this and are using it to attempt to get immigrants released into the country.

Luckily, Conway did eventually get to the point.

She said: “What I would say is this. That that facility was meant to be, this is what I was briefed on, that facility was meant to be a 72-hour holding facility,” Conway said. “It’s not equipped to keep single males who have broken the law by coming here and were apprehended. If you just want to let them go, then say that we just are open borders.”

The only real solution is to deport illegal immigrants immediately. We do not have the resources to detain this many people.

Democrat obstruction

Efforts were made to give Customs and Border Patrol more resources to process illegal aliens faster, but radical Democrats have fought these efforts. It took an absolute emergency for a bipartisan aid bill to pass.

This bill gives CBP more resources to hold and house illegals awaiting processing. The new legislation highlighted a divide between moderate and radical Democrats.

AP News reports that “Pelosi’s Democrats split 129-95 for the measure. Even many who backed it did so grudgingly.”

Radical Democrats were willing to hold immigrants in awful conditions to fight Trump. Instead of deflecting, Kellyanne Conway needs to point out the real problem. Democrats want open borders and are willing to stoop to the lowest levels to get their way.

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