Facebook actively suppressed traffic to conservative news sites: WSJ report

A bombshell new report from The Wall Street Journal revealed that Facebook actively suppressed traffic to conservative news sites. 

The Journal’s report is based on internal materials, including message-board conversations among Facebook employees. The materials were apparently leaked to the Journal by anonymous sources at Facebook.

Stop the flow of traffic

According to the Journal’s report, Facebook, following the 2016 presidential election, introduced two tools that in effect slowed down traffic to conservative news sites. Breitbart was one of Facebook’s primary targets. According to the Journal’s report, the tools introduced by Facebook slowed down traffic to Breitbart by about 20%.

Breitbart wasn’t the only target, however. Others included The Washington Times, which saw about 18% less traffic, The Western Journalwhich saw 16% less traffic, and The Epoch Timeswhich saw 11% less traffic.

It is unclear whether these tools remain in place. Reports seem to indicate that one of them has been removed.

Directing traffic

In addition to the aforementioned revelation, the Journal’s report reveals that Facebook relegated conservative sites such as Breitbart to the “second-tier” of its News Tab.

For those unfamiliar with that particular feature, Facebook’s News Tab is essentially a news aggregator. It brings together news articles, selected by Facebook, from various sources.

The Journal’s report shows that Facebook, in particular, sought to remove Breitbart from the News Tab during the Summer of 2020 as a result of articles the outlet published concerning the situation with the George Floyd incident.

In message board conversations, Facebook employees can be seen arguing about whether removing sites like Breitbart would be a wise thing to do.

Not only did Facebook, in various ways, look to direct traffic away from Breitbart and similar conservative sites, but it also actually paid mainstream media outlets, such as The Washington Post and The New York Times. Facebook, of course, didn’t provide funds to conservative sites like Breitbart

Whistleblowers come forward

This is just one of a number of revelations from whistleblowers that have been made against Facebook and Big Tech this year, and many believe that more are expected to come.

However, this one, in particular, confirms something we have suspected all along, namely that Big Tech has actively engaged in the blatant censorship of conservative news content. Whether anything will change as a result is unknown, but it’s certainly important to shine a light on the subject.

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