‘Wall cam’ launching next year will stream border wall construction

In order to combat criticism from both Democrats and Republicans on the progress of Trump’s highly-anticipated border wall project, White House adviser Jared Kushner came up with an ingenious plan.

According to a senior White House official, Americans will be able to watch the border wall construction in real-time via live cam sometime next year.

Delivering on promises

For the most part, Trump has done a very good job of delivering on the campaign promises he made during the 2016 election — when Democrats haven’t used every weapon in their arsenal to block him.

Trump promised a more effective VA and thousands of incompetent employees have been removed and replaced. Trump promised to cut taxes, and he did.

Trump promised more people would be back to work and our unemployment rates are at the lowest in modern history. Trump promised to build a border wall to protect the American people, and, well, Democrats have blocked that at every turn.

Build the wall

Trump has been fighting tooth and nail to get border wall funding released and he finally succeeded to some degree. Money was reallocated from the Pentagon since Democrats refused to put the money into the budget for the wall, although that move is facing roadblocks as well.

If the border wall is not being built, or Trump cannot prove it is being built, the Democrats will use it against him during the election.

So, to counter that, Trump is hoping to have a live cam showing the real-time construction of the border wall. This idea has not come without its detractors, though.

For instance, the vendors themselves are worried the camera may pick up proprietary information. There are also some security concerns regarding construction gear possibly crossing Mexico’s border during the construction.

Additionally, there are concerns that if those wanting to cross can watch the construction of the wall, they will be able to better understand how to get over, under, or through the wall by watching the cam.

Regardless, Jared Kushner continues to push for the live cam because he wants to shut down the narrative from Democrats about a campaign promise not being delivered.

This is still a developing story, so expect more information to come in the future about the possible activation and costs of the border wall cam.

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