Waffle House shooter is now in police custody

Another maniac has finally been taken down.

After an extensive search, Nashville Police finally have the alleged Waffle House shooter, Travis Reinking, in custody.

The Shooting

Reinking sat outside the local restaurant eying up his future victims for several minutes before unleashing his fury.

Then, he left his vehicle, and immediately starting firing at a couple of customers that were outside of the Waffle House.

After taking both of them down, he walked into the restaurant, still firing his weapon.

While trying to reload (or a possible jamming of the weapon), a brave customer, James Shaw, Jr. saw an opportunity.

He immediately charged Reinking and wrestled away the weapon.

After having his gun taken away, Reinking fled the restaurant.

Unfortunately, even though his rampage was cut short, Reinking ended the life of four innocent people.

The Hero

James Shaw, Jr. saved countless lives that day.

There is little doubt several more people would have died had he not risked his own life to take down the shooter, yet he still does not see himself as a hero.

“Heroes seem kind of like they’re not touchable. If I’m looked at as a regular person, if someone else is in this situation they have that same thing within them that they can project out also,“ Shaw stated.

The Arrest

The moment word got out about the shooting, local police started a massive manhunt to find the suspect.

Eventually, Reinking was spotted in the woods near a construction site.

Reinking did not put up much of a fight, and police were able to arrest him without incident.

As police have been digging into his past, they have found out some rather disturbing information about Reinking.

He has actually been previously arrested by the Secret Service for an incident near the White House.

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Reinking also appears to have an obsession with singer Taylor Swift, which may have been the reason he moved from Illinois to Tennessee.

At this time, police still do not know what provoked Reinking to go on the rampage.

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