VP Harris warns Dems about potential midterm losses, ‘incredibly thin’ majority

Vice President Kamala Harris seems to have joined the growing number of Democrats who acknowledge the possibility that their party will face a devastating midterm election cycle.

In recent remarks to fellow Democrats, she warned about the “slim majority” they currently hold in the House and Senate.

“Democrats are going to need big voter turnout”

The latter is evenly split between the two parties and Harris represents the tie-breaking vote — meaning that if the GOP loses a single seat it will reclaim a majority in the chamber.

Democrats underperformed expectations in November’s election and their razor-thin legislative advantages could disappear if something does not change in the next year.

Further working to the Republican Party’s advantage are historical trends showing that the party of the president tends to lose seats in midterm elections.

In all but two of the 19 midterm elections since World War II, the president’s party lost seats.

“Our majorities in the House and the Senate are incredibly slim, OK?” Harris recently conceded at a recent fundraising event. “They are. And we know that Democrats are going to need big voter turnout in 2022 to hang on to the House and the Senate.”

Narrow path to victory

It is unlikely that such a huge turnout will materialize, however. Without former President Donald Trump to drive opposition votes, the energy surrounding the Democratic Party’s platform is likely to be diminished next year.

The vice president’s comments came as the Biden administration struggles to deal with scandals and policies that have turned off Americans of all stripes.

As a result, Republicans are increasingly optimistic about its chances in the upcoming midterms and the possibility that they will be able to stall Biden’s legislative agenda during the final two years of his term.

For his part, the president’s proposals have largely stalled in recent months, meaning he needs to act swiftly and decisively to accomplish his lofty goals ahead of his party’s possible congressional losses next year.

With all that is at stake in the midterm elections, Republican leaders appear to be readying their A-game. By the same token, Democrats seem to be increasingly aware of their precarious grip on power — as well as their rapidly vanishing options.

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