VP Harris in ‘frantic damage control’ mode after agreeing with student about Israel’s ‘ethnic genocide’

Last week, Vice President Kamala Harris, apparently an extremely anti-Israel politician, praised a student who claimed Israel is responsible for “ethnic genocide.”

According to TheBlaze, the incident reportedly has Harris and her entire office in “frantic damage control” mode, with usually Harris-friendly media outlets like CNN even raising questions about Harris’ ability to possibly someday take the reins as president, given that she clearly can’t properly handle the sensitive topic in a school classroom setting. 

What happened?

It was last Tuesday during a question-and-answer session in a George Mason University classroom that Harris took a question from a half Iranian and half Yemeni student who tossed the words “ethnic genocide” into her question for the VP.

“I see that over the summer, there have been, like, protests and demonstrations in astronomical numbers standing with Palestine, but then just a few days ago, there were funds allocated to continue backing Israel — which hurts my heart because it’s an ethnic genocide and a displacement of people — the same that happened in America — and I’m sure you’re aware of this,” the unnamed student said.

Not only did Harris seem to agree with the misguided student’s asinine statement, but she then put her stamp of approval on it.

“This is about the fact that your voice, your perspective, your experience, your truth should not be suppressed,” Harris said.

Harris isn’t exactly known for her skill in her elected position, but this particular incident might take the proverbial cake, as the vice president of the United States agreeing that America’s closest ally is guilty of ethnic genocide sparked immediate backlash.

The backlash ensues

As TheBlaze noted, Harris’ office was forced, once again, into damage control mode. Her staffers reportedly spent the remainder of the day and week on the phone with various organizations attempting to clarify that Harris did not agree with the student’s “ethnic genocide” statement.

Anti-Defamation League national director Jonathan Greenblatt noted that while criticizing Israel’s policies is fair game, accusing the country of such a horrific crime, especially with the backdrop of what happened to Jews, is beyond the pale.

“There is nothing wrong with criticizing the policies of the state of Israel,” Greenblatt said. “But it’s deeply problematic when you demonize or delegitimize the country, because we’ve seen how that kind of slander is used, and can spark anti-Semitic incidents here at home.”

It’s deeply frightening to know that Harris is literally a heartbeat away from running the White House, given that she can’t seem to get anything right.

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