VP Harris hides from public for nearly a week while Afghanistan situation worsens

While President Joe Biden has seemed more concerned with finishing his vacation at Camp David as Afghanistan fell to a total Taliban takeover, Vice President Kamala Harris has essentially ghosted the entire world.

According to Breitbart, Harris has completely avoided any public appearance for six days as of this writing, offering zero assistance to her boss, which is quite shocking, given that she was reportedly a major influencer of the president’s decision made earlier this year to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan. 

Where’s Kamala?

Americans shouldn’t have to wonder where their president and vice president are during situations as impactful as what’s currently happening on the ground in Afghanistan.

Harris’ last public appearance was on Aug. 12, as she met with several business leaders and made remarks about paid leave and childcare benefits in the workplace. Prior to that, she was seen on Aug. 10 with Biden as the two performed victory laps over the Senate’s passing of the “bipartisan” infrastructure deal.

At this point, as thousands of Americans and allied Afghanis are literally trapped within a country now ruled by the ruthless thugs who make up the ranks of the Taliban, Harris has completely ducked out of the spotlight, and her bizarre absence has caught the attention of many.

Even more mysterious is the fact that reporters were told that Harris would be seen on Monday as Biden finally caved to tremendous pressure and temporarily flew back to Washington D.C. to provide an update on the Afghanistan situation. As we now know, Harris was definitely not alongside her boss that day.

Aides for the vice president reportedly told reporters that she watched Biden deliver his 20-minute, highly criticized speech from the green room instead.

What are her plans?

As a champion of women’s rights and feminism in general, some have wondered if Harris will speak out for the women and young girls in Afghanistan who will soon be thrust into life under brutal, anti-women Sharia law.

“Would love to hear from the ‘First Woman Vice President’ on how her reckless, naive actions will cause most harm to Afghan women…and from the rest of the ‘pro-women’ ‘feminists,'” former Trump White House adviser Kellyanne Conway tweeted this week.

But as White House officials told the Washington Post, Harris is still on schedule to depart on a trip abroad to Vietnam and Singapore on Friday, while the Afghanistan situation continues to crumble under her and Biden’s watch.

“The United States has many interests around the world, and we are well-equipped to pursue them all at the same time,” an unnamed White House official said in defense of Harris’ planned trip.

So far, on the big issues that the Biden administration has faced, Harris’ immediate reaction is seemingly to hide from the public, which doesn’t exactly inspire confidence among a nation of concerned Americans who want to see even a modicum of actual leadership at the top.

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