VP Harris ends France diplomatic trip by taking a stroll through fancy Paris shopping district

Vice President Kamala Harris spent her final day in France shopping at some of the city’s oldest and fanciest establishments, Breitbart reports.

In many ways, it was a fitting end to the diplomatic trip that left her further embarrassed as a vice president that just can’t seem to get a win in her column.

“He’s an apprentice”

Reports indicate that Harris, with her security detail in tow, went shopping in Paris on Saturday with her husband, Doug Emhoff. The two went to the nearly 200-year-old kitchen supply store, E. Dehillerin Cookware Shop, located near the famous Louvre museum.

At one point, Harris was asked whether Emhoff was a good cook. “He’s an apprentice,” she replied, adding in her signature cackle laugh.

Once Harris and Emhoff finished shopping, Harris fielded some questions from reporters. As the Daily Mail noted, Harris refused to answer questions about the Russia-Ukraine conflict, saying, “I cannot talk to you about classified information. However, she said that the “eyes of the word” are on the Belarus border, where Belarus and Russia have been carrying out military drills.

Harris also reflected on her five-day stay in France, which she described as “a very productive and good trip.”

“This trip was about, of course, making clear the long-standing relationship, but also that as we go into a new era for the world, that our work will continue,” Harris said. “We do it with a sense of optimism, but a sense of strong conviction that the partnership between the United States and France remains and will continue to be a very strong one.”

What else happened?

The high point of Harris’s trip was likely her meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron. Aside from that meeting, she participated in a number of diplomatic events, and she was also a guest at the opening ceremony of the Paris Peace Forum, a globalism event put on yearly by Macron.

Reports indicate that Harris, during the trip, did not get the sort of media attention that American officials have received in the past.¬†Politico,¬†for example, reported that the “French media coverage [of Harris] has been minimal.”

Something that did garner media attention, however, were some of the humiliating comments that Harris made to scientists at a coronavirus lab in Paris, as she appeared to use a fake French accent while speaking with the French scientists.

Harris’ trip to France came as she faces experiencing embarrassingly-low poll numbers. A recent poll from USA TODAY/Suffolk, for instance, recently had her approval rating at a dismal 27%.

Harris returned to the U.S., and reality, on Saturday, where she’ll likely once again disappear from the media spotlight as the nation faces a host of crises.

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