VP Harris continues to ignore border crisis, announces trip to France

While the southern U.S. border continues to be overrun, and with a new migrant caravan on the way, Vice President Kamala Harris seemingly has higher priority plans that do not involve the United States.

According to Fox News, the vice president recently revealed that in November, she’ll embark on a trip to France where she’ll not only meet with the country’s leader, but she also has a full slate of scheduled events and appearances. 

While in France, Harris will meet with French President Emmanuel Macron. The White House added that she’ll also deliver a speech at the annual Paris Peace Forum, and concluding her Euro getaway, Harris will attend the Paris Conference on Libya.

Harris, who last visited the southern U.S. border in June, briefly, made clear to reporters recently that she won’t be going back anytime soon. “I don’t have any [plans] at this moment, no,” Harris told reporters recently in New York City.

Everywhere but south

Clearly, it’s not that Harris doesn’t like to travel, as she’s made several trips in the past few months after her embarrassingly short and ineffective trip to the border, if it can even be called that, as she only made an appearance in El Paso, Texas, and failed to travel to the busier areas where illegals are pouring over the border.

Shortly after her stop in Texas, the vice president flew to Los Angeles where she spent the weekend at her home.

She would return to Los Angeles the very next weekend for the Independence Day holiday.

Vice President Harris generated headlines once again for her travels at the beginning of October when she embarked on a secret trip to Palm Springs, California. The White House refused to reveal why she suddenly took the trip, and to this day, it remains a total mystery.

Skipping out

As Fox News reported, the vice president had a chance to meet with Mexican leaders in Mexico City during the first week of October to discuss immigration issues but Harris seemingly had other priorities at that time, too.

What could have been more important than attending a U.S.-Mexico meeting on the most important issue facing both countries? Apparently, a trip to a New Jersey daycare center at Montclair State University, and a visit to a COVID-19 vaccination site at Essex County Community College, where she promoted President Joe Biden’s agenda.

A slate of Biden’s top officials attended the meeting in Mexico City, including Secretary of State Alejandro Mayorkas, and U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland.

At this point, it’s clear that Harris isn’t even attempting to hide that she doesn’t care about the illegal immigration crisis, as she’s done virtually anything and everything except acknowledge it, let alone attempt to fix it.

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