VP Harris asked if Republicans connected to Jan. 6 Capitol event should be punished

The radical leftists in the mainstream media continue to push narratives related to what they call the “insurrection” on Jan. 6 last year at the Capitol building.

According to the Washington Examiner, the latest example came from an embarrassing MSNBC interview during which Vice President Kamala Harris was pressed by Joy Reid on what she believes should be the “consequences” for Republican senators that Dems charge were part of “overthrowing” the U.S. government that day.

The two GOP senators in question are Ted Cruz (TX), and Josh Hawley (MO).

Many believe that the Jan. 6 House Select Committee is nothing more than a partisan, last-ditch effort witch-hunt to muddy Republicans prior to a midterm season during which Democrats are expected to take heavy losses and lose control of Congress.


Without providing any proof, whatsoever, of any actual wrongdoing by the aforementioned Republican senators, radical progressive Reid asked the vice president what she believes should happen.

“What do you think should be the consequences for people like Ted Cruz, people like Josh Hawley, who are now being named as we learn more about those who were actually putting together the plan to overthrow our election?”

“There should be accountability,” Harris can be heard saying, after an edit and a fade-out from the teased interview.

She added: “In terms of elected leaders, to the extent that they were complicit in a crime, of course, there should be some kind of response to that. But also, there should be a — I think, a continuing discussion about the fact that what happened on Jan. 6 was a concerted attempt to undermine the integrity of our elections system.”

Of course, Cruz and Hawley had nothing to do with the hundreds of people who breached the Capitol building that day, but since they were two of the senators willing to object to the Electoral College vote certification, they’ve become high-profile targets for the whacky, radical left.

A distraction

Clearly, left-leaning networks are scrambling to distract from a number of crises facing President Joe Biden’s administration, including Harris. It must have been especially painful for The Hill to report on a bombshell new Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey that shows former President Donald Trump trouncing both Biden and Harris in hypothetical 2024 match-ups.

In the survey, Trump defeats Biden with 47% to Biden’s 41%. For Harris, the results are downright humiliating, with Trump blowing out the vice president 49% to Harris’ 38%.

Democrats are in trouble, and it appears that not even their most influential media allies can save them at this point, though they’ll likely keep trying.

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