Poll shows most voters more motivated to vote, blame Trump’s ‘political enemies’ for FBI Mar-a-Lago raid

Ever since former President Donald Trump first descended the escalator to enter into politics in 2015, Democrats and their allies in the government have sought to criminalize him and demoralize his supporters or, at the very least, render him so toxic with voters as to be unelectable.

If Democrats thought the FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence Monday would further that goal, however, they appear to be sorely mistaken, as a poll in the aftermath of that raid strongly suggests otherwise, Breitbart reported.

Voters of all partisan persuasions, but especially Republicans and independents, appear to be even more motivated than before to cast a vote in the upcoming midterm elections.

Motivation to vote increased by the raid

In the immediate aftermath of the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago, ostensibly in search of classified documents, pollsters with the Trafalgar Group surveyed 1,095 likely voters between August 9-10 and, with a margin of error of around 2.9 percent, asked about the raid in relation to the 2022 midterm elections in November.

Asked if the raid increased their motivation to vote in November, 70.4 percent said “Yes” while 21.6 percent said “No” and 8.1 percent were unsure.

Of those who replied “Yes,” that included 83.3 percent of Republicans, 71.7 percent of independents, and even 55.2 percent of Democrats.

Who is responsible for the raid?

The pollsters also asked respondents who they believed was behind the FBI Mar-a-Lago raid, and 47.9 percent said it was “Trump’s political enemies” while 39.7 percent said it was merely the “impartial justice system” that was responsible.

Unsurprisingly, 70.5 percent of Democrats cited the “impartial justice system” while 76.7 percent of Republicans pointed to the former president’s enemies.

The real bad news for Democrats in that poll is that 53.9 percent of independents said the raid was due to “Trump’s political enemies” compared to 35.3 percent that thought it was just the actions of an “impartial” DOJ.

Even worse news for Democrats was found in the demographic breakdowns in the crosstabs section, where it was revealed that Hispanic voters — who have been increasingly shifting toward the Republicans in recent elections and polls — were now hyper-motivated to vote in November, 80 percent, and overwhelmingly blamed Trump’s political enemies for the FBI raid, 69.9 percent compared to just 18.8 percent who pointed to the “impartial” DOJ.

Record fundraising haul for Trump

Separately, Breitbart also noted that, according to the former president’s son, Eric Trump, his father’s political organization had experienced record-breaking fundraising in the immediate aftermath of the FBI raid, which was likely not the desired outcome of Democrats who fervently wish for Trump to be disqualified from running for office and exiled from the political realm altogether.

Eric Trump tweeted Tuesday, “Breaking: DonaldJTrump.com is shattering all fundraising records and I’m told has raised more money in the past 24 hours than ever before in recent history! The American people are pissed!”

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