‘The subject of nightmares’: Voters lash out at Dems, hand big wins to Republicans in Virginia

A new report from the Daily Caller suggests that a number of Virginia voters abandoned Democrats at the polls this year directly because of President Joe Biden and his failure to live up to expectations. 

Citing interviews between Virginia voters and Telemundo News conducted in the days following Tuesday’s election in the commonwealth, the Daily Caller said Thursday that it seems “President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party and liberals have turned them into Republicans.”

After Biden won the Old Dominion by a comfortable margin in 2020, the state flipped red in Tuesday’s gubernatorial race, with Republican Glenn Youngkin beating out Democrat and former Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

“I believe that Biden turned me into a Republican,” one Virginia voter reportedly told Telemundo. “Biden is destroying the economy. Inflation is through the roof and everything is terrible.”

“Biden turned me into a Republican”

Another voter, who wasn’t politically active until this most recent election, indicated that she voted because she is “sick of people stigmatizing” her for, in the Daily Caller’s words, “voting Republican as a minority.”

“I believe that Republicans now, especially we minorities, have stood up because I’m sick of people stigmatizing me [for being] a Republican and me being expected not to speak up,” the woman said.

Journalist Jorge Bonilla said it all adds up to Biden and Democrats’ worst nightmare looking ahead to the 2022 midterms. Take a look for yourself:

Looking to the future

Despite efforts from the White House on down, Democrats just weren’t able to pull out a win for McAuliffe. In fact, Republicans took all three statewide races in the Old Dominion and are poised to win back control of the state’s lower chamber thanks to some 50 wins across the commonwealth Tuesday.

Many see the GOP’s victories as a sign that the American people are rejecting the radical agenda being pushed by Biden and other Democrats in Washington.

Exit polls found that the economy, jobs, and education were particularly important for Virginia voters. And Biden, for his part, has accomplished little to nothing in these areas: the U.S. economy is flailing, and many Democrats have aligned themselves with the critical race theory amid a debate over its inclusion in the curriculum.

Youngkin also won handily among Hispanic voters, Breitbart said, with 54% of their vote. All in all, things appear to be swinging in the favor of Republicans — and it seems we can thank Biden and the Democrats for that.

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