Voters in Michigan turn on Gov. Whitmer, approval ratings plummet

There was a time, not long ago, when Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) was tremendously popular both in her state and nationwide, among the left, for her ferocious attacks against former President Donald Trump.

However, according to Breitbart, there seems to be a good reason why her name hasn’t been in the media much, as of late, as her polling numbers within the state of Michigan are plummeting. It’s especially notable given the fact that she’s losing support from the ultra-critical independent voter base. 

Whitmer is crashing

In a bombshell new poll conducted by the Glengariff Group, Whitmer apparently has a brewing political problem on her hands, which is especially significant as she faces a reelection campaign next year.

Overall, Whitmer now only has the support of 48% of Michigan voters, which was revealed in the poll commissioned by the Detroit Regional Chamber.

Making her ambition of holding the governor’s mansion even more difficult is the fact that according to the new poll, 46% of Michigan voters do not approve of her performance on the job, and that number is across both parties.

Dialing in on the demographics, Whitmer is also fading fast among the state’s independent voters, as only 39% of independents support the governor, while a staggering 51 percent do not support her.

“Michigan elections are decided by independent voters and how she does with these independent voters moving forward will really dictate” her future in Michigan politics, said Lansing-based Glengariff Group pollster Richard Czuba.

A stark change

Just one year ago, Whitmer was riding high in the approval rating department, as she had scored a whopping 59% approval rating from voters in her state, which also happened to be around the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the time, only 39% of Michigan voters were unhappy with her performance on the job — a number that any politician can live with, even heading into a reelection year.

Additional polls taken this year have painted a clear picture of her decline in popularity among the state’s voters, likely in part due to her extreme response to the pandemic with regard to a number of harsh restrictions she enacted at the time.

The Glengariff Group poll also quizzed voters on their thoughts about the state’s economy and the impact of inflation, and in both categories, it was made clear that voters are extremely concerned, which is likely reflected in Whitmer’s approval rating dive.

Whitmer might have been the anti-Trump star of her party at one point, but it now seems like that’s pretty much all she had going for her at the time. Obviously, without Trump to rail against, Whitmer doesn’t appear to be on the path to an easy victory next year.

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