Voters have 'historically low' confidence in Biden's work on economy

 May 6, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Creating the blunt campaign reminder, "It's the economy, stupid," is credited to James Carville, at the time advising Bill Clinton in his 1992 presidential bid.

He reportedly wanted to remind campaign workers, and the candidate, to focus on the nation's financial health, which he thought was a winning topic.

That same reminder might have been good for the campaign this year for Joe Biden's bid.

Except that it might already be too late.

Gallup, the pollster, explained on Monday that American consumer confidence in Biden's work on the nation's economy is "historically low."

Of course, those consumers have seen inflation explode the costs of living by some 19% since Biden took office. Mortgage rates are double what they were under President Donald Trump. Fuel prices have skyrocketed. Biden is spending trillions of tax dollars on his odd climate, abortion, and transgender campaigns. And much more.

A Washington Examiner report on the circumstances noted that confidence in a president running for reelection to "fix the economy" is lower now, under Biden, than it ever has been before.

"With Americans less optimistic about the state of the U.S. economy than they have been in recent months and concern about inflation persisting, their confidence in President Joe Biden to recommend or do the right thing for the economy is among the lowest Gallup has measured for any president since 2001," Gallup reported.

The report charged, "People feeling the pain of 'Bidenomics' are now putting the hurt on President Joe Biden and his economic team. And it’s not just Biden. Confidence in Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is also the worst recorded, and it’s no better for congressional leaders."

The report noted people have more confidence that Trump would help the economy, but even those figures were not great, with the economic structure Biden has created in three years in office.

"Forty-six percent of U.S. adults say they have ‘a great deal’ or ‘a fair amount’ of confidence in Trump to do or recommend the right thing for the economy," Gallup said. For Biden that was only 38%, while Congress was in about that same range.

People for months have been telling poll takers that they believe "Bidenomics" means higher prices, lower wages, and fallen a standard of living.

It's gotten so bad Biden has stopped promoting the word he initially liked.

Gallup said the economic situation is a threat to Biden, as "not only does he have the lowest economic rating of any president seeking reelection since Gallup began tracking this in 2001, but independents trust his opponent more than him."

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