Voters clear: Go ahead! Shut government down!

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

So here we have Democrats in control of Congress in December adopting a $1.7 trillion spending program for the government, with billions of perks for their constituents.

They knew it couldn’t happen under the existing statutory debt ceiling, but they ignored the looming roadblock, and now that Republicans are the House majority, Democrats are telling them to fix the problem: raise the borrowing limit.

Joe Biden, through his spokeswoman, has said there will be no negotiations over the fiasco.

Republicans, for their part, would like to see some spending cuts adopted at the same time.

Biden is using the threat of a government shutdown to try to apply pressure to the GOP.

But what about voters? They are, after all, the ones paying the tax, as government itself has zero income without taking it from someone else.

They are telling the power brokers to go ahead and shut it down.

Paul Bedard in his Washington Secrets column explained Rasmussen Reports asked the question.

And the pollster found that 56% of respondents would support a “partial” shutdown to bring the budget into line. Only 34% say not to do that.

“Most voters believe that uncontrolled federal spending is the reason Washington has burst through the debt ceiling again, and they’re OK with shutting the government down until Democrats and Republicans come up with the needed cuts to bring down the debt,” Bedard explained.

“And on the blame issue, even more, 66%, believe the debt is high because of ‘politicians’ unwillingness to reduce government spending.’ That was three times higher than the 21% who blamed taxpayers,” Bedard reported.

The nation’s current $31.38 trillion debt ceiling was reached last week and the Treasury now is manipulating payments and such to make sure bills are paid.

Bedard noted, “The media has played along with the administration in warning of catastrophic impacts if the administration has to start partially shutting down the government. But those warnings have been heard before, and voters apparently aren’t scared by them.”

Republicans largely favored a new shutdown, but even 41% of Democrats agreed, preferring that to raise taxes.

“What’s more, a majority of Democrats — 52% — agree that politicians are to blame for sky-high government debt,” the report said.

Meanwhile, Biden has outlined a plan that would be involved sending the nation another $13 trillion or so into debt over the next few years. That is perhaps why Democrats actually have demanded simply removing any limit on borrowing.

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