Thrift shop volunteers receive personal note of thanks from Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Following the recent health issues suffered by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, there were ample displays of appreciation and gratitude for the jurist by supporters and well-wishers who sent gifts and messages of encouragement during her recovery.

That would include a group of volunteers operating a small thrift shop in central Florida who just received a “thank you” note from Ginsburg in response to a letter and gift they sent her in January.

A pleasant surprise

Tampa ABC affiliate station WFTS reported that the volunteers of The Little Thrift Shop in the city of Dunedin were pleasantly surprised to receive a response from the iconic justice.

“I was shocked that we got something back so quickly. It was wonderful,” a volunteer named Sherry Boothe said. Another volunteer named Shirley Wood said, “I never thought we would hear from her.”

The letter from Ginsburg was in response to a letter and gift sent in January by mostly elderly women affiliated with the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd in Dunedin, who operate the small thrift shop on a volunteer basis to help raise funds for the church, community outreach and mission work.

Pearl necklace gift

That letter was intended to encourage Ginsburg in her recovery from lung surgery to remove cancerous growths in December, and it included a special pearl necklace as a get well gift, in a nod to the jurist’s well-known habit of collecting and wearing special collars with her judicial robes.

“She is hanging on. Somebody at her age and what she’s gone through would have probably given up already,” explained Miriam Benitez-Nixon. She added of the gift, “I saw that necklace and I said, this is Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It just can’t go anywhere else.”

The letter that came back from Ginsburg was on official Supreme Court stationery, included the embossed seal of the court, and was also personally signed by the jurist herself, making it all the more exciting for the women.

Ginsburg wrote, “The collar you sent is exquisite and will be among my favorites. I will wear it during the first sitting I return to the Court.”

Sweet gestures

Due to the prohibition against cameras in the chamber of the Supreme Court, it is unclear if Ginsburg really did wear the gifted pearl necklace upon her return to the bench, but there is also no indication otherwise.

This was a thoroughly heartfelt gesture of goodwill and well-wishes by the sweet elderly ladies that run a church-affiliated thrift shop.

It no doubt made their day to receive the equally sweet and unexpected letter of gratitude in response from Ginsburg herself.

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