Volunteer group Project Dynamo successfully rescues 39 Americans from Afghanistan

Since President Joe Biden and his administration aren’t rescuing Americans and friendly forces still stranded behind Taliban lines in Afghanistan, others have stepped up to do the U.S. government’s job.

Fox News reports that a volunteer civilian group, known as Project Dynamo, just rescued nearly 40 American citizens and lawful residents left behind in Afghanistan by Biden after his disastrous and embarrassing U.S. troop withdrawal earlier this year. 

What’s going on?

Project Dynamo, a volunteer group, is funded by Save Our Allies, which is a group connected to The Independence Fund.

The successful evacuation efforts took place on Friday, as two individuals from Project Dynamo flew to Afghanistan where they gathered a group of 39 American citizens and lawful residents, including over 10 children, and brought them to a safehouse near Kabul.

At the safehouse, the 39 individuals were tested for COVID-19, and they were administered vaccinations. From there, they were flown from the Kabul airport to New York City’s JFK airport, where they arrived on Saturday morning.

Project Dynamo subsequently released a statement, writing, “This is the first known major airlift rescue with American boots on the ground since the U.S. government abandoned the country of Afghanistan in August.”

“Despite their difficulties, we are doing this because it is the right thing to do when another human is in need and because our fellow Americans should never be left behind,” the statement added.

Correcting Biden’s failures

The people rescued by Project Dynamo are among those whom the Biden administration left behind following its botched withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, which unfolded over the summer.

Biden, at the time, said that he would find some way to evacuate those whom he left behind after the withdrawal deadline, promising to do so. However, his administration appears to have made little progress in doing so, or conveniently forgot about those who were still stranded.

Biden has made the situation worse for himself by failing to be upfront throughout the process regarding how many American individuals he left at the hands of the murderous terrorists that make up the ranks of the Taliban and ISIS-K.

The State Department had disclosed that the Biden administration left hundreds more Americans behind than what was previously admitted to, though such updates since then were largely ignored by most of the mainstream media.

At least with volunteer groups such as Project Dynamo, those who are still stranded have a glimmer of hope that they’ll soon be able to safely escape.

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