Jon Voight remembers friend Burt Reynolds: ‘He was such a delight’

One of Burt Reynold’s movie co-stars shared a very fond memory about “The Bandit” that perfectly summed up his personality.

Jon Voight, who starred with Reynold’s in Deliverance, called Reynolds a pure “delight.”


If you have not seen the movie Deliverance, stream it right now.

You have to see it to fully appreciate the story told by Voight.

The setting of the film was challenging on several fronts.

Filming took place on uneven and unexplored areas of the wilderness.

Hollywood being Hollywood, producers wanted to make sure the stars were taken care of during filming.

The Chair Story

The answer was apparently to have several chairs, complete with the actor’s name on them, available for them to rest.

While most of the stars were sitting around on rocks and stumps. Reynolds chose to sit on the chair marked for Voight.

After several days, Voight began to wonder why Reynolds was using his chair.

Ten days had now passed, and Voight had to have an answer.

When he asked Reynolds why he was sitting specifically in Voight’s chair, Reynolds had a clever answer all ready for him.

“Well, Jon, it’s quite simple. When I sit in your chair, I can see my name on my chair,” Reynolds told him.

Reynolds, it appears, had been baiting Voight for more than week and Jon finally fell right into his trap!

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That was Reynolds, though, as was quite apparent in many of the films he made, including the Smokey and the Bandit franchise.

RIP Mr. Reynolds. You will be dearly missed.

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