Vocal critic predicts investigations will ‘find something’ to bring Gov. Cuomo to justice

Fox News Channel’s Janice Dean has long been a vocal critic of Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s COVID-19 response, which she said contributed to the death of her elderly in-laws.

The cable news meteorologist revealed in an exclusive interview with the Daily Caller that she believes investigators will “find something” that can be used to hold Cuomo accountable and deliver justice for those she believes have been wronged by his controversial policies.

“The book should be thrown at him”

While Cuomo is the subject of scandals on multiple fronts, Dean has been particularly critical of the embattled governor’s policy mandating the return of COVID-19 patients to nursing homes, where the virus spread widely across the state.

She also took issue with the fact that New York taxpayers were on the hook for Cuomo’s mounting legal bills despite his $5 million earnings for a book he wrote about leadership during the pandemic.

In addition to state and federal probes, the New York Assembly is conducting its own investigation amid calls for his impeachment.

For her part, Dean said it was “difficult” to see his continued media appearances and the warm reception he still receives among some journalists. Not only is his COVID-19 response under intense scrutiny, but he also faces accusations of overseeing a hostile work environment punctuated by bullying, sexual misconduct, and preferential treatment.

In describing what she believes Cuomo deserves, Dean said: “I think the book should be thrown at him. I actually think what he’s done is criminal.”

“On the side of the angels”

She went on to note that she continually prays “that we have justice for those that died.”

As for whether his political career should be over, Dean apparently believes his behavior is a deal-breaker.

“At the very least, I don’t want him to run for office again, and I do hope that what they uncover is criminal,” she said, according to the Daily Caller. “I’d actually like to see him go to jail — I don’t think that that is ever going to happen.”

Nevertheless, she described her position as “on the side of the angels,” declaring that holding the moral high ground “is stronger than the name Cuomo.”

Meanwhile, the New York Post reported last week that the governor remains defiant in the face of multiple scandals, downplaying the multiple ongoing investigations as mere “reviews” and dismissing bipartisan calls for him to step down.

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