Vivek Ramaswamy and Mexico's president exchange words

September 30, 2023
Robert Ayers

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy recently got into an exchange with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. 

The exchange, according to Fox News, has to do with the southern border, where America continues to witness record-breaking illegal immigration under the administration of President Joe Biden.


Ramaswamy, like many other of the Republican candidates, is running on a platform that includes the securing of the southern border. But, Ramaswamy is willing to go a bit further than some of his Republican rivals.

The entrepreneur, in fact, has stated that he is willing to send the U.S. military to the U.S.-Mexico border in order to secure it.

Ramaswamy reiterated this part of his platform during the second Republican presidential primary debate, which took place this past week.

There, Ramaswamy said, "We have to seal that southern border. Building the wall is not enough. They're building cartel-financed tunnels. We have to use our own military to seal the Swiss cheese of a southern border."

Obrador responds

Suffice it to say that Obrador does not like Ramaswamy's plan to use the U.S. military to get the southern border under control - something Obrador has likened to a U.S. "invasion" of Mexico.

Earlier this week, a reporter asked Obrador about it. And, the Mexican president responded by urging Americans not to vote for Ramaswamy.

"That candidate from the Republican Party who says he is going to invade Mexico, no American of Mexican origin should vote for him because he who does not love his homeland does not love his mother," Obrador said.

Ramaswamy does not back down

Now, Ramaswamy has issued a statement responding to Obrador's remarks. And, in it, Ramaswamy doubled down on his plan to get the southern border under control.

"It’s not just illegal migrants, human trafficking, and fentanyl pouring through our Swiss cheese, open border anymore. Now, we have armed cartel gunmen directly invading our homeland," Ramaswamy said.

The Republican candidate continued by explaining why he believes a deployment of U.S. troops to the U.S.-Mexico border is justified.

He said:

The U.S. military has one job: to protect American citizens on our own soil. The cartels may be AMLO’s sugar daddy now, but soon there will be a new daddy in town. As President, I will call Mexico's president in January 2025 to deliver a clear message that we will support you in decimating the cartels. Military force is both legally and morally justified. Time to end the crisis

There is no doubt that there are many Americans who would like to see Ramaswamy implement this plan. But, if the polling is to be believed, then the only way we will see Ramaswamy's plan put into action is by someone else implementing it. This is because Ramaswamy currently is only garnering 5.1% of the vote for the 2024 Republican presidential primary.

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