Fox News’ Leland Vittert, crew chased by demonstrators near White House

Over the weekend, protests over the death of George Floyd quickly turned to riots in a number of American cities — and in Washington, D.C., things got very scary for one network reporter covering the action.

Fox News’ Leland Vittert was surrounded by protesters and put into serious danger during a live broadcast, with the reporter ultimately ending up being escorted out of the area near the White House for fear of his own safety and that of his crew, as the Daily Caller reported.

Fox News reporter targeted

The messaging from Democrats that Fox News is little more than a mouthpiece for President Donald Trump has clearly hit home with far-left protesters of the sort that have been taking to the streets in recent days.

While we have seen demonstrators turn hostile toward Fox News crews before, the events of this weekend took things to a whole new level.

As Shannon Bream prepared ready to toss the live feed to Vittert on Friday night, he could be seen shaking his head, as though in an attempt to urge Bream not to send the broadcast to him:

The Daily Caller also had boots on the ground near Vittert, and it became very clear why he had to end his live report and take evasive action for his own safety:

Running for his life

Vittert and his cameraman, Christian Galdabini, were escorted from the area by several Fox News security personnel, one of whom was struck by a rioter and reportedly fell to the ground.

All of them left the area, as can be seen in the video, and walked several blocks before finding a police officer.

According to Fox News, Vittert later said that the officer, who was in a squad car, initially refused to exit the vehicle to provide assistance, despite Vittert pounding on the window surrounded by an angry mob. Galdabini added that the officer appeared to ultimately call for assistance, with riot police eventually arriving to help restore order, Fox reported.

“In the park, you could feel the mob mentality taking over. There were no cops anywhere. There was nobody there to keep things calm and it got out of hand,” the veteran reported added.

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