Obama-era visitor logs review reveals more than 80 White House visits by seven Hunter Biden business associates

April 13, 2023
Ben Marquis

For the past few years, President Joe Biden has repeatedly made the dubious claim that he had no knowledge of or involvement in the questionable foreign business dealings of his son Hunter Biden.

That claim may have finally been definitively debunked, based on a review of White House visitor logs during the Obama administration that revealed at least seven of Hunter's business associates made at least 80 documented visits with then-Vice President Biden or his top aides and staffers, the Conservative Brief reported.

That includes four of Hunter's business partners, two of his personal assistants, and the vice president of his now-defunct firm, Rosemont Seneca.

Fraudulent claim exposed

Fox News recently conducted a review of the Obama White House visitor logs and uncovered more than 80 visits to the White House or related locales, such as the vice presidential residence or offices, by seven of Hunter Biden's business associates.

Joan Mayer, who served as vice president of Rosemont Seneca from 2008-2017, was reported to have made at least 17 visits between 2009-2016, and met personally with then-Vice President Biden on at least some of those occasions, though she most often met with various top aides and staffers.

There were at least five visits made by one of Hunter's assistants, Anne Marie Person, until she left the firm in 2014 and took a job on the VP's staff that same year.

Ironically enough, her brother, Francis "Fran" Person, had already worked for the vice president for some time but left just months after his sister joined the staff to instead work for a China-linked real estate company that did business with Hunter's firm.

More visits from former partners, associates, and assistants

Fox News further reported that Eric Schwerin, a close business partner of Hunter's, made at least 27 visits to the White House during the Obama years and met with several of the vice president's top staffers on many of those occasions.

Then there is John "Rob" Walker, another former business partner with Hunter, who was listed at least 16 times on the visitor logs. In March of this year, Walker sat for a transcribed deposition with the House Oversight Committee and turned over bank records that showed how multiple members of the Biden family had received more than a million dollars combined from China in secretive wire transfers.

In addition, at least two White House visits were made -- plus a golf outing with the vice president -- by Rosemont Seneca co-founder Devon Archer, one of Hunter's closest former business associates who also served on the board of Ukrainian energy firm Burisma.

There was Hunter's former personal assistant Katie Dodge, who visited the White House at least nine times between 2012-2015 and met with several of the vice president's top aides.

Finally, there were also at least four White House visits made between 2009-2013 by former Rosemont Seneca partner Arlene Busch.

Former top VP Biden aide questioned in classified documents scandal

The Fox News report noted that many of those Hunter Biden associates who visited the White House met with Kathy Chung, who served as one of Vice President Biden's top assistants during the Obama years and now serves as the deputy director of protocol at the Pentagon.

The House Oversight Committee just announced earlier this month that Chung had sat for a transcribed deposition with the committee in relation to her involvement with President Biden's apparent unauthorized retention of classified documents in his Delaware home and a D.C. office -- an interview that reportedly led to the identification of other "persons of interest" that the committee will follow up on.

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