Virginia school board votes against adopting state’s new policies on transgender students

A Virginia county school board has voted against adopting the state’s recently enacted policies regarding the treatment of transgender students, NBC 12 reported

The Augusta County School Board decided to buck the new policies that the Virginia Department of Education created for transgender students. The new requirements demand that schools refer to transgender students by their preferred pronouns.

Other requirements would have led to exemptions from male/female dress codes for transgender individuals.

Fighting back

The school board’s decision will likely lead to a serious conflict, as furious Democrats will undoubtedly push back.

Even in less liberal states like Virginia, the government is run by those loyal to the woke agenda of the Democratic Party.

It is up to local school districts to take a stand and say no to the seemingly agenda-driven policies of the state legislature. Concerned parents will be forced to dig in for a long fight, as the wrath of the Virginia Department of Education will likely down hard.

As NBC 29 reported, Beth Jenkins, who attended the meeting to vote down the new policies, told the board, “I believe parents want to have your backs if you stand up and vote no to the liberal agenda. They do not trust the government. They want to send their children to public school, but they will not be told how to raise their children.”

Augusta County citizens seem to be ready to stand up and fight back. The only question that remains is: Will that be enough?

Virginia state law requires that schools adopt state policies “that are consistent with but may be more comprehensive than” their own models. At issue is if the new policies are consistent with the Augusta County district’s policies.

National conflict

The parents of the Augusta County school district are far from the only ones tackling this issue. Many parents are being forced to fight back against the left’s agenda or resort to pulling their children out of public school.

Indeed, many have already opted to leave the system entirely and homeschool. The COVID-19 crisis and the endless disruption that followed have also significantly contributed to the exodus of students from the public school system.

If the left’s radical agenda cannot be defeated, more parents will have no choice but to run. This brewing conflict will likely have significant implications in the years to come.

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