Buchanan: Virginia elections suggest voters are prepared to ‘secede’ from Democratic Party

Although Virginia has become an increasingly blue state in recent years, a surprise win by GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin might signal a sustainable shift.

In a new op-ed, one-time Republican presidential hopeful Pat Buchanan asserted that Tuesday’s election represented the state’s veritable secession from the Democratic Party’s far-left agenda.

Virginia voters reject Democrats

He went on to describe the message Virginia voters sent to the party of President Joe Biden, particularly a denunciation of the control Democrats seek to exert on the American people despite their razor-thin majority in D.C.

Youngkin scored an upset win over Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe in the recent election, but that was not the only bad news for Democrats in the state.

GOP candidates for lieutenant governor and attorney general — Winsome Sears and Jason Miyares, respectively — also prevailed over their Democratic opponents. Furthermore, a majority of Republican candidates for the state’s general assembly were victorious, allowing the party to regain control of that legislative body.

Plenty of state-level and local factors played a role in those Republican victories, but Buchanan sought to focus beyond Virginia’s border to focus on the current state of the Democratic Party in D.C.

He described the 2020 presidential election as little more than a referendum on former President Donald Trump as a person — not the Trump-era policies that generally resulted in four years of domestic peace and prosperity.

“They are beginning to lose America”

During the 10 months since Biden’s inauguration, Buchanan argued, missteps including the Afghanistan troop withdrawal, rising crime, an open southern border, surging inflation, and intensifying culture wars have led to increased instability at home and abroad.

Each of those factors has contributed in part to Biden’s plummeting approval rating, which has dropped from an average of about 55% to roughly 43%, according to the RealClearPolitics average.

As Buchanan wrote, Biden’s failures appear to be negatively impacting the Democratic Party as a whole as candidates are being forced to deal with the consequences of policies that have proven detrimental to ordinary Americans.

Virginia voters were among the first to register their disapproval of the status quo at the voting booth — and McAuliffe, along with other Democrats in the state, bore the brunt of a message that Buchanan suggested was actually targeted toward Biden.

“Having lost Virginia, Biden and his party look today like they are beginning to lose America,” he concluded, looking forward to next year’s midterm elections with a prediction that other states across the country could similarly vote to “secede” from Democratic Party control.

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