Virginia candidate says he may be a pedophile – allowed to run by Democrat governor

Politics has officially sunken to an all-time low thanks to a Democrat governor.

An admitted pedophile, Nathan Larson, is running for a congressional seat in Virginia.

He Admits It

Larson was recently interviewed by the Huffington Post, where he unashamedly made these admissions.

The senatorial hopeful informed the publication he had actually created several online chatrooms for violent-minded misogynists and pedophiles.

When he was outright asked if he was a pedophile or just liked to write about it, Larson’s response was more than a bit disturbing.

“It’s a mix of both. When people go over the top, there’s a grain of truth to what they say,” Larson stated.

When the domains of his chatrooms were revealed, the hosting account terminated them almost immediately.

Larson tried to call himself an “outsider” in the campaign, but he is a bit more than just an outsider.

He is a vile human being using a political race to further a disgusting agenda.

How Did This Happen?

Less than five years ago, Larson would not have even been able to run for office.

However, thanks to then-Governor Terry McAuliffe, who restored civil and voting rights to felons in 2016, Larson is now able to make a mockery of our political system.

McAuliffe flat out abused his power in an effort to swing the election to Hillary Clinton.

When the Democrat party didn’t think they had enough votes, the then-governor decided to find votes in rather unique places.

In this case, it was in restoring voting rights to felons.

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Considering how close the election results were in Virginia, he may have gotten his wish, but it still was not enough for Hillary to lock down the election.

This is the dangerous game liberals are playing… and now the fruits of their labors are starting to bubble up to the surface.

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