Viral photo shows Trump comforting grieving family of fallen police hero

Trump just seems to have a way with people…

And Trump proved it again during the National Peace Officer’s Memorial Service when the President took the time to call the family of one of the fallen up on stage and it was captured on film…

Near and Dear

The photo that was taken was far from the staged photo ops we have seen from past presidents.

While there were many families of the fallen officers at the ceremony, Trump seemed even more emotional while describing what happened to NYPD Detective Miosotis Familia.

Trump acknowledged that members of the NYPD have a special place in his heart.

Seconds later, he spotted the family of the fallen officer in the crowd and called them up on stage.

The last to arrive was Familia’s mother, who is 90-years-old.

The woman held onto Trump with everything she had.

Trump took her hand and led her to the podium to finish his presentation, keeping her in this grip the entire time to comfort her.

While the heartbroken mother held onto Trump’s hand, she used her other hand to wrap around his arm to draw strength from the President while she heard of the heroics of her daughter.

That is Trump

To put it simply, that is Donald Trump.

Not the president, mind you, but the person.

For all the negative press he gets, few people know about times when Mr. Trump the private citizen reached into his own pocket to make wishes come true.

On more than one occasion, he has provided a helping hand to members of our service.

There were also numerous times when he simply read a story in the paper or saw something on TV that moved him, so he wrote a check to make their lives better and personally reached out to them to see if they needed anything else.

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Far too few people got to see the real Donald Trump before the election.

What you saw on stage during that ceremony, though, was the Trump his supporters truly love.

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