Viral picture questions Omarosa’s decision-making skills

Earlier this week, former Trump staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman went public with some “secret” recordings she made while at the White House.

Rather than create outrage for Trump, though, all she did was point out how foolish she really was.


The fact she was able to get a recording device into the Situation Room has Americans baffled.

Even more baffling was that she would actually admit to making a recording in a secured area that could result in legal problems.

Omarosa published the recordings in an effort to prove she was “threatened” by Kelly on her way out the door.

There, of course, is also the benefit that it will create more buzz about her soon-to-be-released book.

On the Attack

It did not take Trump or his administration very long to go after Omarosa after she made the tape public.

Sarah Sanders, along with several other members of the administration, ripped Omarosa for clearly ignoring security protocols.

Even a few liberal pundits piled on, saying it is “unprecedented” for someone to make recordings in the Situation Room.

President Trump himself has also gone on the offensive, via Twitter:

Omarosa continues to make allegations but has yet to produce any evidence.

If what the President stated in his tweet is true and the tape does not exist, Manigault may have opened herself up to some serious legal problems.

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Rumors are already starting to fly that Trump’s legal team is considering a slander suit, which they clearly would not do if there really was a tape.

Omarosa has lost all credibility at this point, so Trump should just sit back and let her take her hits.

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