Violent Father’s Day weekend in Chicago leaves 14 dead: Report

The carnage started on Friday in Chicago, and it continued right on through Father’s Day.

According to Breitbart, at least 100 people in the Democrat-run city were shot over the weekend, leaving at least 86 injured and a total of 14 dead.

Blood in the streets

It took a little while to get things rolling on Friday, but as usual, Chicago’s streets turned into a warzone on the warm summer weekend. According to Breitbart, the first shooting reportedly took place around 6:30 p.m. Friday, when an unnamed 35-year-old woman standing on the street was approached by a car. Its occupants suddenly opened fire.

The woman was struck in the arm and taken to a nearby hospital. But she is one of the “lucky” ones.

By about 10 p.m. that night, the first fatality of the weekend was reported after another drive-by shooting. A 34-year-old man and a 43-year-old man were gunned down when a car approached them around 9:52 p.m., Breitbart reported.

The occupants of the car opened fire and both men were hit, according to Breitbart. The 34-year-old reportedly died.

Sadly, the violence continued all weekend, with the last two shootings occurring in the early hours of Monday morning. The final fatalities were two teenagers, who were also killed in a drive-by shooting, Breitbart reported.

Not the first time

These numbers depict a jump in violence in the Windy City. Breitbart reported that less than 40 “were shot, two fatally, in Chicago last weekend,” while “35 were shot, five fatally, the weekend prior.”

In response, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, a Democrat, has said changes need to be made — though she’s stopped short of accepting calls to defund the local police department, which have come from progressives in the wake of the death of 46-year-old George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody in late May.

“Public safety is about a heck of a lot more than just cops in a car, walking a beat,” Lightfoot said earlier this month, according to CBSN Chicago. “It is about building healthy, vibrant, safe neighborhoods, and we have to get there, exactly through the investments that we’re talking about, and when that happens, you see a community reborn.”

Defund the police?

Though Chicago is one of the most violent cities in the country, talks of defunding the police are indeed still emanating from progressives in the Windy City.

But can you imagine how much more violence would be erupting on the streets of Chicago if there was not at least a threat of police showing up to stop the criminals? That’s not a sight any American would want to see.

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