Violent Antifa thugs disrupt anti-vaccine mandate protest, ending in multiple arrests

If a few supporters of former President Donald Trump gather, most of the liberal mainstream media swarms. But if it’s a protest involving Antifa, even if it turns violent, you’d never know it happened short of outlets like Fox News covering it.

According to Fox News, a gaggle of reported Antifa members who showed up to counter-protest a group of people who were there to peacefully protest COVID-19 vaccine mandates and other pandemic-related issues, decided to turn violent as night fell, which resulted in clashes with police, and multiple arrests.

Apparently, the Antifa people who showed up to the protest were triggered at the very thought of someone calling into question the government’s various COVID-related restrictions and guidance, including vaccine mandates.

The groups involved

What would have been nothing more than a fairly routine anti-mandate protest, organized by the “Super Happy Fun America” organization, turned into chaos when Antifa arrived on the scene.

The radical, militant leftists, which were represented by a number of different Antifa groups, rallied behind one message: “Tell the Capitol Rioters to Get Out of Boston.”

As the peaceful, anti-mandate protesters gave speeches and delivered their message to the attending crowd, Antifa operatives blared loud noises in an attempt to disrupt the protest.

In total, two people from each side of the protest were arrested by Boston Police Department officers after Antifa radicals deployed their most valuable tactic, which involves instigating fights from those who don’t hold their same skewed worldview.

Biden admin in trouble

Aside from tanking and downright humiliating poll numbers, the Biden administration’s attempt to push COVID-19 vaccine mandates on a large swath of Americans by requiring mandates for businesses with over 100 employees faces massive legal hurdles, including a recent order from a federal court that blocked the mandate.

According to Politico, the New Orleans-based Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals questioned the constitutionality of Biden’s mandate, which resulted in a ruling that temporarily blocked it.

Clearly, Biden’s army of radical Antifa leftists aren’t happy with the idea that a majority of Americans are against such mandates, but their efforts are failing, as Americans across the country are standing up to the gross, unprecedented U.S. government overreach.

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