Melania Trump reacts to Pittsburgh synagogue massacre: ‘The violence needs to stop’

When an event such as what occurred in Pittsburgh on Saturday takes place, it impacts everyone in this country — including our first lady.

Melania Trump expressed her heartbreak and outrage over Saturday’s massacre on Twitter over the weekend, writing:

Her husband, President Donald Trump, soon followed suit.

The Attack

When details of the shooting were first publicized, it appeared as though the shooter had been stopped early enough to prevent massive numbers.

Shortly afterward, though, it became apparent that this shooting was far more devastating than anyone had first thought.

When the smoke had cleared, close to a dozen people were believed to be dead, with several others injured.

Some said that had the four police officers who injured in the incident not put their lives at risk, the death toll would have even higher.

All in all, 11 were killed on Saturday by gunman Robert Bowers.

A United Country

Throughout all of this, there has been a steady message of unity being preached by both sides of the aisle.

We cannot help but be a bit skeptical if this is lip service or everyone truly means it.

Over the last two years, the amount of rhetoric thrown around by both sides and the media have poured fuel on an already out-of-control fire in this country.

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They all now have a chance to put their actions behind their words.

When the dust over all of this finally settles, we’ll see who truly means what they say.

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