Violence, looting erupts in Chicago after police-involved shooting

The latest police-related shooting of a Black man to spark widespread protests occurred this week in Chicago.

As reported by Fox News, an officer shot a suspect over the weekend and areas of the city soon erupted in destructive demonstrations that were marked by rioting, looting, and even acts of violence.

Chicago devolves into “complete anarchy”

Despite the details of the case that suggest the shooting was justified, it took just hours for the news to spread and calls for protest soon began to go viral.

Police say officers were dispatched to the Englewood area in response to complaints of a man with a gun. Upon arrival, they reportedly encountered a young Black male with a firearm who, while running away, allegedly turned and fired at the pursuing officers.

Officers returned fire, hitting the suspect and killing him. Rioters were soon on the scene and began causing property damage on a wide scale, as evidenced in an array of social media accounts.

Some clips appear to show rental trucks stopped outside of storefronts as looters filled them up with stolen bounty from the nearby retailers.

“An act of violence against our police officers”

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown reacted harshly, denouncing the criminal behavior and tying it to the failure of other agencies to prosecute rioters elsewhere in the wake of Geroge Floyd’s death while in police custody in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“This was not an organized protest,” Brown said. “Rather, this was an incident of pure criminality.”

Thirteen officers were physically injured in the melee, he said, and more than 100 suspects were arrested. At least two civilians were shot, according to reports.

“This was an act of violence against our police officers and against our city,” Brown added.

Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot similarly denounced the looting as “an assault on our city” that is wholly unrelated to the “legitimate” protests of peaceful demonstrators. As lawlessness continues to strike on the streets of cities across the nation, President Donald Trump’s get-tough approach to violent protesters is likely to gain support among law-abiding citizens of every political persuasion.

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