Vincent Bonham of R&B group Raydio, dies

 March 26, 2024

The music world mourns the loss of Vincent Bonham, a versatile talent of the iconic 70s R&B group Raydio.

Vincent Bonham, a foundational member of the 70s R&B ensemble Raydio, has passed away, marking a significant loss in the music community, SoulTracks reports

Raydio, a group that carved a niche in the R&B genre during the late 70s, was co-founded by Vincent Bonham along with Jerry Knight, Arnell Carmichael, and the group's frontman, guitarist Parker. This assembly of musicians brought forth a new wave of R&B music, characterized by a blend of soulful melodies and funk rhythms. Bonham, with his multi-instrumental talents, played a pivotal role in shaping the group's sound and identity.

The Rise of Raydio and Its Hits

The group's journey to stardom was catalyzed by their debut song "Jack & Jill," which climbed to the top ten on both the pop and soul charts in 1978. Following this success, Raydio released "You Can't Change That" in 1979, a track that echoed the triumph of their debut hit, further establishing the group's presence in the music scene. Bonham's contribution to Raydio was not just instrumental but also vocal, leading the song "You Need This (To Satisfy That)," showcasing his versatile talents within the group.

However, the group saw a significant change in 1980 when Jerry Knight departed to pursue a new project, leading to the band's rebranding as Ray Parker Jr and Raydio. Despite this transition, the group continued to enjoy success with hits like "That Old Song" and "A Woman Needs Love (Just Like You Do)," songs that resonated with audiences and solidified Raydio's legacy in R&B music.

Ultimately, Ray Parker Jr.'s decision to embark on a solo career marked the end of Raydio as a group. Despite this, the band's legacy, accentuated by four gold albums, left an indelible mark on the music industry. Bonham's role in this legacy was significant, contributing not just through his musicianship but also through his efforts in production, including work on Jerry Knight's "Perfect Fit" album and collaborations with renowned artists like Prince, Chaka Khan, and Evelyn Champagne King.

Remembering Vincent Bonham's Musical Journey

In a testament to his enduring passion for music, Bonham reunited with Arnell Carmichael in 2014 to revive Raydio, a move that delighted fans and offered a glimpse into the group's storied past. Though he eventually left the group a few years prior to his death, his legacy continued through the music he helped create and the impact he had on his peers and fans alike. The current lineup of Raydio, featuring Giovanni Rogers, Lavon McPherson, and Chris Thomas, continues to tour, paying homage to the group's rich history and the contributions of its original members.

The news of Vincent Bonham's passing was shared by the group on social media on March 24, 2024, a moment that has undoubtedly left a void in the hearts of those who knew him and appreciated his music. Giovanni Rogers, a member of the current Raydio lineup, expressed his sentiments, stating, “We sure had a blast, Vincent. Thank you for the opportunity and privilege to call you friend.” This statement not only reflects the personal loss felt by those close to Bonham but also the collective mourning of the music community.

Bonham's death marks the end of an era for Raydio and the music world at large. His contributions to the group and the R&B genre as a whole have left an enduring legacy, one that will continue to inspire and move audiences for generations to come.

A Legacy That Resonates Beyond Music

Reflecting on the career of Vincent Bonham and the evolution of Raydio offers insight into a transformative period in R&B music. From the group's formation, through its peak years, to the eventual disbandment and revival, Bonham's influence is evident in the music and the memories he leaves behind. His ability to play multiple instruments, coupled with his vocal prowess, set him apart as a musician whose contributions went beyond Raydio's hits.

The story of Raydio is not just about the music but also about the relationships and collaborations that defined its members' careers. Bonham's work post-Raydio, particularly his production efforts and collaborations with other artists, highlights his versatility and commitment to his craft. These endeavors not only enriched his musical legacy but also contributed to the broader landscape of R&B and pop music.

As the current members of Raydio continue to tour, they carry with them the spirit of Vincent Bonham and the original lineup's innovation. The group's ability to resonate with audiences, decades after their peak, speaks volumes about the timeless quality of their music and the lasting impact of their contributions to the genre. The legacy of Vincent Bonham, therefore, extends beyond his musical output, embodying the spirit of creativity and collaboration that defines the best of R&B music.

Final Words and the Continuation of a Legacy

In the wake of Vincent Bonham's passing, the music community finds itself reflecting on the profound impact he had on R&B music. His skills as a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, combined with his contributions to the success of Raydio, have left an indelible mark on the genre. The tributes pouring in from fans and fellow musicians alike attest to the respect and admiration Bonham garnered throughout his career.

The current iteration of Raydio, while forging its path, also serves as a living tribute to the group's original members, celebrating the foundational music they created. As Giovanni Rogers poignantly expressed, Vincent Bonham was not only a cherished friend but also a key figure in the shared journey of music and life. This sentiment echoes the feelings of many who were touched by Bonham's music and spirit.

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